Ravello is a jewel overlooking Amalfi Coast. A beautiful, small town that should be enjoyed at slow pace to feel its romantic atmosphere.
You can travel from here to Amalfi, Positano or Sorrento by bus and then take a ferry to Capri.

Public parking is available to people traveling to Ravello by car. It is located close to the main square. You can also park on-street but both options are pricy. We paid only €15 per day as a part of hotel deal.

If I ever come back to Amalfi Coast I will definitely stay longer in Ravello.

Why you should visit Ravello

After three days in Rome we rented a car at the airport and drove to Ravello. The fun started when we exited motorway. We had to drive up the mountains on a very narrow and curvy road. The road is scary and amazing at the same time. Provides you with gorgeous views of Naples Bay and Vesuvio Volcano. 

Ravello turned out to be the biggest and nicest surprise of the whole Amalfi Coast. We planned to visit it as a part of one day tour but then we booked hotel for two nights with no regrets. Or, maybe one - I regreted then, that we stayed there for only two nights.

Ravello is spectacular. It is so easy to fall in love with the town. Tasty food, relaxing atmosphere, beautiful gardens and that picturesque coastline views plus all those friendly cats.

You can also find here a famous Emanuela Caruso shop in which a skilled craftsman can create your fairytale-like tailor-made sandals within 30 minutes. Those unique and retro style sandals are really comfortable and keep your feet happy all day long. The shop is located on the main square.

Villa Rufolo & Villa Cimbrone

Both Villas are worth to visit, both are beautiful, both have amazing gardens and astonishing views. We enjoyed wandering around both villas but if you are short on time and you wonder which one to pick, Villa Rufolo is located next to the main square. A 15 minutes walk from the square via lovely, little alleys leads you to the Villa Cimbrone.

I prefer Villa Rufolo for its gardens and architecture but nothing can beat the view from Terrace of Infinity in Villa Cimbrone, it is absolutly jaw dropping.

If you are planning to visit Ravello make sure you book a summer concert in Villa Rufolo.


Hotel Parsifal is a former ancient convent built back in 1288 and converted into a hotel in 1948.

It is a small hotel run by lovely family with beautiful small garden blooming with flowers and with outstanding view across Amalfi Coast. 

This place is absolutely magical and we highly recommend this hotel.


There are planty of small restaurants in Ravello. Some are located on the main square and in the nearby alleys. You can also try hotel restaurants that are open for outside guests.

I can recommend to you Hotel Garden restaurant located on the opposite to the main square side of the tunnel. They offer delicious food at an affordable price plus that coastline view...

We were in Ravello at the Farrogosto, probably the most popular holiday in Italy. We were invited to the celabration dinner at our hotel. If you ever have the opportunity to share dinner with locals, do not miss the chance. It was a set dinner menu with aperitif, three courses, dessert, coffee and wine. The evening was culminated with colorful display of fireworks - the highlight of our visit to Ravello.