Romantic Galaxidi Town

Galaxidi is a quiet, picturesque town in the central Greece. Located along the coast of the Krisaikos bay and surrounded by beautiful mountain range. The charm of the non commercial town with its beautiful neoclassical houses, old captain’s mansions and two lovely ports makes this place a perfect breakaway destination.

Located only 20 km southwest from Delphi town and archaeological site, it should become your home base for exploring the area or perfect place for Delphi based seafood lovers’ lunch. Athens are located only 240 km away and are accessible by winding up road along the Gulf of Corinth and providing stunning views along the way. Visit to Galaxidi was a part of our road trip and you can read about the whole trip organization and our driving experience in my previous post (Road trip around Greece).

Galaxidi was a home to some of the country’s most important shipping families. Until the road Nafpaktos-Itea had been finished in 1963, the town could only be accessed by boat from Itea. Cut off the Greek mainland people of Galaxaidi lived on the island and completely relied on the sea transportation. Its island-like nature has been maintained by locals till todays, the downhill paths still lead to the sea and bougainvillea plants adds colours to the alleyways. 

Things to do

Galaxidi is not a spot for a crazy night lovers. Its serenity attracts people looking for a romantic, nostalgic and relaxing atmosphere.
Lose yourself around the town’s beautiful neoclassical houses with colourful facades, marble arches, yards with flowers and balconies decorated with figureheads.
Visit Aghios Nikolaos church with a wood-sculptured altarpiece and Aghia Paraskevi church featuring a zodiac cycle on its floor surface.

Visit two museums situated in the old mansions: the Archaeological Collection and the Maritime and Historical Museum of Galaxidi.
Head to the small and very quiet Hirolakas port with a stunning view of Mount Parnassos, followed by evening stroll along wonderful promenade of the main port Agora.
Have a diner or grab a drink in one of the many bars and restaurants lined along the main harbour. The port provides also docking facilities for yacht and small boats and it is a great place for people watching. Who doesn’t like it?

The rocky shoreline, on the other side of the Agora port is a pine forest planted by school children in the early twentieth century. This place called Petra Panta reaches all the way to the statue of Galaxidi Woman (Galaxidiotissa) – the woman waving a handkerchief towards the sea while embracing her children. You can get there on foot, by bicycle or by car enjoying amazing view of the sea, mountains and town along the way. You will find there two small, pebbled beaches.
There is a road behind the town that leads up to the mountains to the Monastery of Metamorphosis. If you travel by car it is worth to check it out for impressive view of the town and surroundings.

Accommodation and dining

Even though Galaxidi is a small town, you will find here many places to dine. Along the promenade and on the other side of the port are situated cafés, bars and restaurant.
We booked Hotel Ganimede which has great online reviews and offers award’s winning homemade breakfast. Hotel itself is situated in a walking distance to the port in the 19th century, renovated Captain’s house. The building and courtyard are surrounded by flowers and look very charming. The owner and staff are very welcoming and helpful. We can’t say anything about the rooms because we got upgraded to an apartment located next to the port and providing astonishing views of the port and the mountains from its balcony. We still had a famous breakfast served at the hotel and in my opinion the food was second to none. Everything was fresh, homemade and simply delicious. It was the best breakfast we have had during our whole trip around Greece. Make sure your stomach is empty because you will want to try everything.

Relaxing, soaking up the sun and nature, also getting chance to experience local produce is one of the most memorable parts of any holiday and Galaxidi ticked all the boxes with flying colours.